Special Olympics Russia flies the flag!


Большинство болельщиков могут лишь мечтать о том, чтобы стать участниками масштабного футбольного события международного масштаба. А для атлетов Специальной Олимпиады России мечта стала реальностью.

Special Olympics Russia flies the flag!
Special Olympics Russia flies the flag!

Most fans can only dream about taking to the pitch alongside football superstars. But for Special Olympics Russia athletes this dream became a reality when they served as flag bearers at the recent FIFA Confederations Cup 2017.

With the eyes of world watching, the athletes proudly carried the flags ahead of the semi-final matches in the cities of Kazan and Sochi and again on July 2 at the third place play-off between Portugal and Mexico.

"Participation in such a large-scale international event as the Confederations Cup for the athletes is the fulfillment of a cherished dream. This great honour will remain with our athletes for their entire life," commented President of Special Olympics Russia, and deputy of the Russian State Duma, Mr. Yuri Smirnov.

All of the flag-athletes are members of the Unified-football team of Special Olympics Russia. Their participation took place within the framework of the of the Youth Program of Coca-Cola Russia, a partner of Special Olympics Russia.

Fiona Hynes | июл 14, 2017

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